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The Kentucky Workforce Academy initiative was launched in 2011 as a means to establish a professional development program that would help us achieve our mission of establishing system-wide consistency, by developing a cross-agency team of experts to provide top-notch service to both job seekers and employers. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, passed in July 2014, reinforced the direction of the Workforce Academy initiative and will continue to shape future course offerings.


Workforce Academy: Foundations for the Future - The “Foundations for the Future” introductory course is a foundational curriculum designed to prepare all System staff to understand the transformational vision, why we’re transforming, and what their critical roles will be in support of the transformation.

Managers as Mentors for Change - The purpose of this course is to prepare managers for their critical role in the transformation of the Kentucky Workforce System, help them understand key dynamics of change management, and empower them to serve as mentors for change.

Transformational Leadership - This course addresses the need for leadership development by identifying the role of transformational leadership, and defining the core skills of a transformational (visionary) leader and the importance of that role to any critical change initiative.

The Power of LMI in Sector-Based Business Services - This course is designed to deliver a fundamental understanding of the power of Labor Market and Economic Information (LMI) in supporting solutions-based business services.

The Power of LMI in Sector-Based Services to Job Seekers - This course is designed to deliver a fundamental understanding of the power of Labor Market and Economic Information (LMI) in helping to inform seekers of their best, long-term career options and pathways based on growth sectors in the region.


Leadership Academy is a multi-course program designed to cultivate professional growth of our staff and maximize their potential to embrace the mission and scope of workforce initiatives and processes, and foster the development of the next generation of leadership for the Kentucky Workforce System.

Courses on additional topics identified as key to the transformation of Kentucky’s workforce system are in the early planning stages and will be released as resources permit.

If you would like to learn more about the Workforce Academy initiative, please contact Melissa A. Aguilar, Executive Director for the Kentucky Workforce Innovation Board at melissa.aguilar@ky.gov .

Last Updated 01/13/2016
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